Top 8 Small Business Opportunities in New Jersey

There are many reasons why New Jersey is the best state to start a business and a few of  them are because NJ was ranked as the 11th state with the biggest population of almost 9 million people and secondly, New Jersey is the second in the list of the state with highest household income earnings per year. These two is sufficient enough to convince any business minded individual that this state has a very promising potential for small to big businesses. Consumer income and consumer population is already covered by New Jersey. With  the latest research and surveys, we have come up with the top 8 small business opportunities in this lucrative city.


1 Pizza Parlors

This Italian staple is a very popular meal in New Jersey to kids, college students, young and adult professionals alike. Franchises of an existing and operating pizza house can be bought to start a branch or a totally  new brand can be put up.


2 Car Wash

This is a typical service needed by the busy people of New Jersey who do not have enough time to wash their cars on their own because of the fast paced lifestyle of this community. A business owner is sure to make money by helping these people’s situation and relieve them from t he load of further cleaning task.


3 Meat Shops

According to a private survey, residents of New Jersey eat meat because it is such a delectable food option. People of NJ just like all the others will always be careful in buying their food especially meat. Sanitation and proper  meat handling is also important when putting up a meat business to ensure the quality of your goods. When putting up a meat store of your own, just make sure that cleanliness of the store and a nice packaging of meat will wow people of New Jersey.


4 Fast Food

Fast food chains are not only loved by New Jersey residents because of the food they offer, but also for it’s functionality in gathering people for meetings, get togethers, dates, and just a cool place where friends hang out. Just like Pizzerias, you may opt to buy a franchise or start your own fast food business.




Weather and climate in New Jersey could be extreme from time to time. Summers are unbearable with the extreme heat, while winter days can drive a person nuts. But these dilemmas can be solved by an efficient Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System also known as HVAC. Homeowners get people for installation and other skills that is relevant to this service. You can take advantage of this necessity from the people of New Jersey.


6 Laundry Services

Just like car washing, the busy people of this state will not have enough time to do their laundry anymore. Just like any other busy city in the United States, laundry shops are always a hit.


7 Tanning/ Hair/ Face Salons

An envy worthy tan, gorgeous locks, and a perfectly made up eyebrow will always be good for those beauty conscious men and women out there. Services for this type of business is always high on demand all year round. You will always have that customer wanting the perfect Instagram worthy look.


8 Solar Installation

Solar panels are the top most in uprising products of today, with all the frustrations that people get because of the unwanted and crazy shoot up of energy bills. The generation of today is aware and are open to ideas of how to get past this troublesome situation named energy bill.